AKP's airchecks

Most files are in FLAC format (.flac), a lossless audio file format.
Although FLAC files can be used by very few mp3 players and CD burners, there is plenty of software out there which can convert from FLAC to mp3.

Feel free to use these airchecks as you wish, for any not-for-profit purpose.
If you use them on your websites, please download the file and host it on your own webspace. Do not directly link to files here (it's called "bandwidth leeching").
Be aware that copyright may exist on any music played, etc.


Derbyshire pirates

Community Net (Clowne)
North Midlands Radio (Chesterfield)
Starforce FM (Clowne)

East Yorkshire pirates

WLNG (Scunthorpe)

London pirates

C-FM 96.6
Classic Community Radio 94.3
Deja Vu
Dream FM 107.6

Galaxy FM 105.3

G-FM 96.9
Hart FM
Radio Jackie 227
Kiss FM
Laser 94
Lightning Radio
London Greek Radio
Maria Community Radio 108
Medina 102.3
Solar Radio
Station FM 89.8
Style FM
Supreme Radio 90.4
TKO 102.4

Vibe FM

South East pirates

South Yorkshire pirates

CBS Radio (Conisborough)
Century Radio (Sheffield)
Monica Sound 104.8 (Barnsley)
Ocean Sound (Rotherham)
Rebel Radio (Rotherham)
Solid Soul Radio (Conisborough)

West Midlands pirates

Electro Radio 95FM

Enterprise FM 91.9

PCRL 103.5 (Birmingham)

Into the new year 1994

Power House Radio

West Yorkshire pirates

NLV Radio (Keighley)

Radio Veronica (Bradford)

Offshore pirates

Laser 558
Irish pirates

Radio Dublin


Derbyshire RSL's

Emerald Radio 106.6 (Staveley, near Chesterfield)
- school radio, from Springwell Community School

Leicestershire RSL's

H-FM (Market Harborough)

South Yorkshire RSLs

Forge FM (Sheffield)
- student radio
University Radio Network


Derbyshire ILRs

Peak 107 FM

London ILRs

Kiss 100 FM

South Yorkshire ILRs

Radio Hallam

Tyneside ILRs

Metro Radio

West Yorkshire ILRs

Huddersfield FM 107.9


Radio 1
Radio 4

Satellite radio

Solar Radio (Astra satellite)
University Radio Network

French radio