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Is it possible for people with disabilities to overcome prejudices in society, and to become successful?

Sometimes, it is easy for people - even people with disabilities - to be lulled into believing that disability is a virtually impenetrable barrier to success.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. There are many examples of people with disabilities, who have broken the prejudice barrier to succeed, thrive, even become famous.

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Cher Stevie Wonder

Thomas Alva EdisonStephen Hawhing

What's more, for everyone listed as "famous", there are thousands - millions, even - of people with disabilities who are quite competent in the jobs we do. Indeed, some who have not become famous are not necessarily inferior to those who have - for examples in the musical world, check out our Tribute to Stream Records.

Besides, our value as people is not limited to the economic wealth which we produce. Every human, whether disabled or not, is a unique and valuable individual. Parents, children, carers , volunteers and amateurs (ie unpaid enthusiasts) are not paid for the work they do, but that certainly doesn't mean they are of no value to society!

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