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At Red Disability, we note with alarm that a (hopefully small!) number of people with disabilities have fallen for the media-inflammed hype about asylum seekers getting benefits and services which are not available to disabled people. (For the truth about asylum seekers, see Unison Scotland's Asylum Myths web page). A handful have even contemplated voting for the fascist BNP on that basis. To do so would be an incredibly dangerous mistake!

In Hitler's Germany, it wasn't just millions of Jews, Gypsies and trade unionists who were murdered in the gas chambers; 100,000 disabled people were also butchered by the Nazis.

In Britain today, there are still fascist groups who admire Hitler and would "continue his work" if they got power. The most well known of these are the British National Party, who in the past have managed to dupe enough people into voting for them to have a dangerous number of council seats (notably in Burnley, Barking and Stoke on Trent),and the English Defence League (EDL). Smaller groups include the National Front, National Democrats, and British National Socialist Movement.

These evil scum want to eradicate anyone who does not fit their sick idea of a "perfect" white race. Black people and gay people have been regularly physically attacked by these scum, as have disabled people (myself included). Left unchecked, they are likely to get more dangerous as austerity kicks in and people (egged on by the Establishment) start looking for scapegoats.

Disabled people are targeted because we are supposedly a drain on society; the German Nazis used the term "useless eaters".

This is, of course, bulls**t ! A look at the web-page of famous disabled people will show how disabled people have contributed enormously to society, in the fields of science, politics, arts and music. And all workers - including disabled workers - contribute more than they consume. As Karl Marx argued, in capitalist society, workers (including disabled workers) are only employed if they are being exploited - that is, if they produce more value than they are getting paid. Even Remploy, supposedly there to provide employment for disabled people, works to the same rule - that is why, now there is a recession, Remploy are closing most of their factories and privatising the few remaining ones.

Nor are disabled or black people "polluting" our genes. Nobody is genetically perfect, and restricting the variery of genes available - by murdering lots of people, for example - will actually lead to an increase in genetic-related illnesses.

An example of where this actually happened was in the Australian "race" of Alsatian dogs. The importation of Alsatians to Australia was banned for several decades, but those already in Australia were allowed to breed. So Alsatian dog owners would pair their dogs together. But the lack of genes caused terrible health problems for the dogs, which only ended when Australia allowed Alsatians to be imported again.

So, Nazis are talking a load of crap. But they still manage to brainwash a number of people, and their attacks continue. At the moment, they are able to get a large number of votes from people disillusioned with New Labour's right-wing, anti-working class policies, who still don't trust the Tories because of the damage they did between 1979 and 1997. They also thrive on the fact that New Labour's attacks on minority groups, especially asylum seekers but also including people with disabilities, make the Nazis' extremist policies look more "mainstream". So what can we do about it ?

Swastiki in a trash binA start is to contact Unite Against Fascism.

Join UAF (an alliance of the Anti-Nazi League and other anti-racist groups), help in activities (eg leafleting) for the UAF, and help expose the Nazis for the racist, violent thugs which they really are!


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